Eyes, Nose & Lips

Eyes, Nose & Lips

Eyes, Nose & Lips

    • Dr.D Clinic Dark eye circles Treatment

      Dark eye circles

      Tired of relatives and friends asking why you look tired?  Rejuvenate your undereyes to leave friends and family asking if you ve been on a vacation. Dark eye circles are caused by a few factors and each factor has to be dealt with differently to overcome this problem. Adequate sleep…

    • Dr.D Clinic - Luscious Lips

      Luscious Lips

      This is a lip treatment incorporated into your daily makeup routine to achieve well hydrated, volumised lips gradually without requiring any injectables. Choose from a wide range of shades to Colour, Correct and Maintain beautiful Luscious Lips.

    • Dr.D Clinic - Nose Enhancement

      Nose Enhancement

      A well defined nose is a much sought after feature especially in Asia. Certain imperfections like a hump or bump on the nasal bridge can also be a bother to some, especially if it was brought on by an unpleasant experience.  The good news is there are now a few…

    • Dr.D Clinic - RF Eye Treatment (Eye – Lift Treatment)

      RF Eye Treatment (Eye – Lift Treatment)

      This is a gentle eye treatment using radiofrequency to gradually improve skin texture and elasticity to reveal youthful looking eyes. A few sessions will be required and other treatments may be combined to achieve faster and optimal results.

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