Nose Enhancement

A well defined nose is a much sought after feature especially in Asia. Certain imperfections like a hump or bump on the nasal bridge can also be a bother to some, especially if it was brought on by an unpleasant experience.  The good news is there are now a few methods to achieve your desired nose  shape to complement your features and beautiful skin even if surgery is not an option.



Fillers have come a long way. A lot of research and development has gone into achieving the ideal filler. Today s fillers are very natural to the touch and are safe.  The latest fillers we use even come with analgesics ( pain relievers)to make the procedure more comfortable. The best part is you leave the clinic with your desired nose instantaneously.


Thread Lift

This is the latest innovation to a well defined nose bridge. The results last longer and create a more defined nasal tip which is not so easily achieved with fillers. The results are also instantaneous though there may be a day or two of swelling especially for first timers.  Have a chat with our Dr and glance through our before and after pictures to get a good idea of what threads can do for your nose.

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I visited the clinic to remove moles and excessive skin. Very satisfied by the whole experience. The staff and the doctor made me feel very comfortable and procedure was fast and painless. We even had time to have a nice conversation and doctor answered all my questions. Totally recommend.

Andrey Rozhnov

Google Review
I’ve been to many aesthetic clinic myself, never have I experience such honesty and professionalism from both doctors, what I love about is they embrace you for who you are and only what you need. Staff were super friendly and easy to talk to, great ambience, cozy, comfortable, and most importantly great place for relaxation. Highly recommended!

Vivian Loh

Facebook Review
My first time here was in 2015 (until now). And that time my skin was really really bad. Dr. Dinesh has helped me so much with my skin. I was having depression during that time, and he was being very helpful and he always tries his best to help me. The staffs are also very friendly and nice. Without a doubt, please come here! They are very professional ? You will feel like home. That’s what matters the most (well at least for me) ?

Nany Arsad

Facebook Review
My skin looks better. I’m in love with their Medi Facial. Gonna miss this place when I go back to Manila.

Ma Joanne Almo Rafer

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Very good doctor as he only recommend the necessary. Undergo my scar removal and happy for the result! Strongly recommended!

Eunice Wong

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Thanks Dr D for my pigmentation removal. It was painless. Previously I done it in other place and it is painful during the laser treatment. I enjoy the facial and a great service by experienced aesthetic nurses.

Impact Digi

Facebook Review
If you think I'm beautiful it is because of Dr.D if you think I'm ugly then you just have bad taste.

Khanusha Shereen Neesha

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Good job, doctor. I am satisfied with the treatment provided. Will definitely refer friends to your clinic.

Wan Edi Sophean

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