Pico Laser Treatment

Pico Laser technology is currently one of the most popular and advanced laser technologies in today’s anti-aging, beauty and cosmetics industry.

Pico laser technology is used in Pico laser treatments for various skin concerns on the face and body.

It works to treat skin imperfections such as acne scars, hyperpigmentation, spots caused by sun damage, skin inflammation and fine lines, making it one of the most reliable facial and body aesthetic treatments around.


Why is Pico Laser Treatment One of the Best Aesthetics Treatments to Undergo?

Pico laser treatment is probably one of the best aesthetic treatments in Malaysia because it is a non-surgical and non-invasive treatment that is safe and quick.

This means there is no need for any incisions or injections, which is something that can be intimidating to many who wish to treat their skin concerns safely.

It also requires minimum recovery and downtime compared to other aesthetic treatments available.

Besides that, it does not require the use of medication and steroids that are known to give unwanted side effects.

How Does Pico Laser Treatment Work?

As its name suggests, Pico laser treatment emits a ray of short and rapid pulses of energy to the targeted areas that require treatment.

The laser emitted by a Pico laser device is precise and provides a quick and effective treatment for acne scars and hyperpigmentation compared to the use of topical treatments and skincare.

Though the laser’s impact on the skin is intense enough to shatter skin pigmentation, the procedure is generally a painless one.

The Way Pico Laser Treatment Efficiently and Effectively Removes Hyperpigmentation

The laser technology in Pico laser treatment is known for being extremely precise and highly effective in pigment removal, melasma, sun spots and age spots.

This is possible as the advanced system of the Pico machine works by focusing on the targeted areas with its highly concentrated pulses of energy that are gentle on the outer skin’s surface and do not burn.

This ray of energy pulses works over the melanin and shatters the problematic production of pigmentation, which is then naturally eliminated by the body, revealing a more even skin tone.

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Types of acne:

When we are talking about acne, the thing that bothers us most are the pesky spots. Some are just unsightly while others may also be painful.

1. Whiteheads
These are tiny firm bumps that are painless. These occur due to overproduction of Sebum (oil production).

2. Blackheads
If the whiteheads progress to get exposed to air and get oxidized, than the whiteheads will progress to become blackheads. Blackheads are difficult to treat, but the good news is technology in skincare has progressed so far that this issue is easily solvable.

3. Papules
These are small red bumps that may feel tender due to inflammation

4. Pustules
Similar to Papules but these lesions are infected and therefore contain pus in the centre. Pustules are also tender to touch.

5. Nodules
Nodules are large, painful hard lumps that develop beneath the surface of the skin.

6. Cyst
These are large, sebaceous filled lesions that are usually encapsulated by a wall. Medication may reduce the symptoms and recurrence of infection. Excision of the cyst intact with the “Wall” is the only way to totally remove it.


Why does acne occur?

Are you tired of pimples popping out on a daily basis? Does acne make you feel shy and depressed? Do you feel you are missing out on living your life to the fullest because of Acne? Is Acne ruining your social life? Have you spent thousands and thousands on skincare but still suffering from acne? Do you feel that you have to live with acne for the rest of your life? This stage of acne is the most painful not only physically but also mentally. Many teens and even some adults suffer from acne breakouts that just sprout and grow despite a whole cupboard full of skincare and advise from well-meaning family and friends. Jumping from one skincare to the next also doesn’t help. Because not all Acne can be resolved the same way, it is important to seek professional advise and get onto the right track for effective healing.

The main cause for acne boils down to 2 main causes.

1. Increased sebum production – oily skin.

2. Bacteria – mainly p.acne which lead to formation of inflammation, infection and pus formation.

The causes for the increase in sebum production could be purely hormonal but may also be hereditary, related to lifestyle and diet or the use of wrong products.


The topic of products will be further discussed as it is something we can all do to prevent acne breakouts and save some money in the process.

1. Cleanser
Depending on skin types the most suitable cleanser can be a mild neutral cleanser to something a bit stronger with Salicylic acid, AHA, BHA or fruit enzymes. The idea would be to be able to clean out dirt and grime without over-drying or irritating our skin.

2. Exfoliator
We are sometimes tempted to use an Exfoliator in the quest for smooth blemish-free skin. However, some Exfoliators may be too harsh for inflamed, infected skin. Used too often it will also dry out and strip our natural protective layer of the skin and in turn, our skin reacts by producing more oil which is counter productive in the treatment of acne. A gentle Exfoliator may be used once a week safely.

3. Toner
Use an alcohol-free toner to gently cleanse off any residual cleanser and prep skin for the subsequent skincare. Some toners also have soothing and pore refining ingredients.

4. Serum and moisturisers
The difference between serums and moisturizers is the consistency of the product. Serums are more liquid-based while moisturizers are usually cream-based. However many water-based moisturizers are now available to moisturize without the oiliness. The important part to note be it serums or moisturizers is to use non-comedogenic products meaning that the product will not block pores. For oily skin, look out for products that are *oil-free * non-comedogenic *water-based products that aim to provide mild moisturization ( if needed) without clogging pores or adding on to oil production.

5. Sunblock
This is also an important step due to our tropical climate. It is important to use a non-comedogenic sunblock as well and sometimes in very severe acne this step may even be skipped for awhile till proper oil control is in place. Proper use of sunblock will go a long way to prevent unsightly spots and pigmentation left after active acne dries out.

6. Makeup and foundation
As far as possible, it is advised to omit makeup and thick makeup that clogs pores and may aggravate acne. It may be difficult but the long term idea is to heal your skin so that you will not need to cover up your beautiful skin with tonnes of concealer, foundation, and makeup. If makeup is a Must due to occupation etc, use non-comedogenic foundations, replace makeup brushes/cushions often and always ensure all traces are cleansed and removed properly before sleeping.

7. Prescription creams
Prescription creams may also be prescribed to aid in the healing of acne breakouts and the lightening of acne marks. Always start with the lowest strength of prescription creams and work your way up to prevent over-drying, skin irritations or other unwanted side effects. It is advisable to get these prescriptions from a professional and trained doctor.

Pico Laser Facial Treatment Brings More Beauty into Your Life

Opting to undergo Pico laser treatment for your skin concerns is also recommended if you wish to achieve a more youthful appearance.

This is especially suitable for those who do not wish to undergo any surgery that will require more downtime and time for recovery.

This is because it is a non-surgical procedure that helps to rejuvenate the skin by enhancing the production of elastin in the skin and in turn, making the skin smoother, softer and fuller.

Pico Laser Facial is One of the Best Skin Lightening Treatment in Malaysia

If you wish to have brighter skin, Pico laser treatment is one of the best skin lightening treatments in Malaysia that you can undergo.

The treatment typically takes 15 minutes to half an hour, can help to brighten the skin as the laser rays emitted are absorbed by the melanin in the skin.

This then causes the damaged skin cells to break down into tiny particles that are then removed naturally by the body.

The skin will then regenerate and reveal a brighter and more even complexion.

Get Rid of Acne Scars through A Pico Laser Treatment Procedure

Treating acne scars and having them removed can be a challenge and depending on topical treatments and skincare does not produce desirable results.

Pico toning laser treatment has been a scientifically proven procedure for effectively treating stubborn acne scars.

The non-surgical procedure of Pico toning laser treatment helps to improve the appearance of dark acne marks and scars by minimising the inflammatory pigmentation as well as stimulating the production of elastin and collagen to reveal a smoother and even-toned complexion.

Pico Laser Treatment Nearest to You with An Amazing Price Value

If you are searching for an aesthetic clinic to undergo a Pico laser treatment, DR. D Clinic offers the treatment to solve all your hyperpigmentation and acne scar issues.

Our Pico laser treatment is performed by our qualified doctors who have years of experience in the aesthetics field and are committed to providing you with a great experience that is coupled with amazing results.

However, depending on your skin condition and what it is you wish to treat, the price of a Pico laser treatment may vary.

For inquiries or bookings, feel free to get in touch with DR. D Clinic today.

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I visited the clinic to remove moles and excessive skin. Very satisfied by the whole experience. The staff and the doctor made me feel very comfortable and procedure was fast and painless. We even had time to have a nice conversation and doctor answered all my questions. Totally recommend.

Andrey Rozhnov

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I’ve been to many aesthetic clinic myself, never have I experience such honesty and professionalism from both doctors, what I love about is they embrace you for who you are and only what you need. Staff were super friendly and easy to talk to, great ambience, cozy, comfortable, and most importantly great place for relaxation. Highly recommended!

Vivian Loh

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My first time here was in 2015 (until now). And that time my skin was really really bad. Dr. Dinesh has helped me so much with my skin. I was having depression during that time, and he was being very helpful and he always tries his best to help me. The staffs are also very friendly and nice. Without a doubt, please come here! They are very professional ? You will feel like home. That’s what matters the most (well at least for me) ?

Nany Arsad

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My skin looks better. I’m in love with their Medi Facial. Gonna miss this place when I go back to Manila.

Ma Joanne Almo Rafer

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Very good doctor as he only recommend the necessary. Undergo my scar removal and happy for the result! Strongly recommended!

Eunice Wong

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Thanks Dr D for my pigmentation removal. It was painless. Previously I done it in other place and it is painful during the laser treatment. I enjoy the facial and a great service by experienced aesthetic nurses.

Impact Digi

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If you think I'm beautiful it is because of Dr.D if you think I'm ugly then you just have bad taste.

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Good job, doctor. I am satisfied with the treatment provided. Will definitely refer friends to your clinic.

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