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Feel that gravity is bringing you down?

Sagging skin is one of the most common signs of aging. As we get older, the structure of our skin and underlying tissue deteriorates. Our skin becomes less hydrated, skin elasticity and collagen begin to deplete resulting in loss of facial volume in our face that then results in sagging, thinner, loosened, and wrinkled skin. When the skin loses elasticity, it becomes vulnerable to the acts of gravity, causing the skin to sag and creating droopiness and wrinkles. This results in an older, ‘inverted -V’ face shape that is less youthful. The Good news is that technology has come a long way allowing for prevention and reversal of these changes in a safe, effective and non surgical way.


What is the LIFT Treatment?

Reverse premature aging without the need to undergo a surgical procedure

The LIFT treatment is the go-to medical aesthetic procedure that consists of multiple non-surgical skin tightening and face lifting treatments to provide accretive effects for the skin sagging problem. The LIFT treatment is a combinative treatment that produces better, faster and longer-lasting results. As compared with other single-mode treatments, there will always be a limit to the degree of improvement when a single modality treatment is administered as only one aspect can be treated effectively. The Lift treatment is designed to suit the different needs of the patients for sagging skin. It is more cost-effective and convenient for patients.


Collagen & Elastin Induced Treatment for Effective Anti-Sagging

Collagen and elastin are the natural proteins that gives skin its youthfulness by keeping it smooth, firm and toned. As we age, our body produces less collagen and loses its strength and ability to defy the effects of gravity which eventually leads to the sags, folds and wrinkles. One of our LIFT treatment goals is to stimulate our own skin’s collagen regeneration to create a subtle yet effective lift for healthier, better skin structure, improved toning and lift so skin not only looks younger but also refreshed and rejuvenated!

Revealing your age should be a joy! Create your own magic numbers with DR.D’s clinically proven LIFT Treatment!


Who is suitable for LIFT Treatment? 

This non-surgical & minimal invasive LIFT treatment is suitable for most people with skin sagging problems. As everyone has differing concerns and needs, each patient will be required to undergo a medical consultation with our doctors to evaluate the suitability and for treatment customization.

  • Suitable for both men and women with early signs of aging and sagging problem
  • Suitable for people who are not looking to go under the knife and want to avoid any intensive surgical intervention.
  • Suitable for people who are seeking for more convenient, minimally invasive and lower risk alternative treatment.
  • Suitable for people who are suffering from unexpected skin sagging after extreme weight loss


Why LIFT treatment (Non-Surgical Facelift) is better than traditional facelift ?

  • Safe, minimally invasive and does not require open surgery (Non-Surgical).
  • Quick, effective results with significantly lower downtime than Surgical Facelift. You can return to normal activities almost immediately with some modalities of treatment
  • Relatively comfortable if compared to a Surgical Facelift.
  • Much more affordable than a Surgical Facelift.


Key Treatment Benefits

  1. Non-surgical, minimally Invasive and minimal downtime treatments.
  2. Safe and relatively comfortable if compared to a Surgical Facelift.
  3. Lifting, Tightening, smoothing , firming and increased elasticity of the skin to reduce sagging and wrinkles.
  4. Enhanced collagen, fibroblast and elastin growth, creating a lifting effect that lasts for years.
  5. Affordable
  6. Natural looking results that positively impact your overall features.
  7. Rejuvenated results to look younger and refreshed.
  8. Redefined, gentle facial contour of youth.
  9. Wrinkle reduction and prevention.


Common areas of sagginess

  1. Worry Lines
  2. Eyebrows
  3. Periorbital lines / Areas around eyes
  4. Tear Through / Under the eyes
  5. Glabellar Lines
  6. Temples
  7. Skin
  8. Cheeks
  9. Nasolabial Folds / Marionette lines
  10. Perioral Lines
  11. Lips
  12. Jawline
  13. Chin crease
  14. Jowls
  15. Neck/ Neck fold


Some of the LIFT Treatments

  1. HIFU (High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound) – No downtime & Non-Invasive
  2. Thread Lift ( Mint Lift / Happy Lift / Tess Lift) – Minimal Downtime & Instant Result
  3. RadioFrequency (RF) – No Downtime & Non-Invasive
  4. Dermal Filler – No Downtime & Non-Invasive & Instant Result
  5. Botulinum A – No Downtime & Non Invasive & Instant Result

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