• Dr.D Clinic - Botanical Peel

      Botanical Peels

      Do you ever wish that you could simply peel of acne marks, pigmentation and signs of aging from your face? Dreams sometimes do come true. Botanical peels do just that. Using different types of peels eg: salicylic, mandelic, glycolic, lactic, fruit acids etc, it is possible to exfoliate the outer…

    • DrD Clinic - Healite Therapy


      Bask in this  warm and healing light theraphy which uses safe wavelengths of light to enhance your body’s natural cellular recovery, improve healing time, relieve pain, promote hair growth(when applied to scalp) , promote skin rejuvenation and more. Healite is 100% safe and  studies show a reduction in recovery time…

    • Dr.D Clinic - Luscious Lips

      Luscious Lips

      This is a lip treatment incorporated into your daily makeup routine to achieve well hydrated, volumised lips gradually without requiring any injectables. Choose from a wide range of shades to Colour, Correct and Maintain beautiful Luscious Lips.

    • Dr.D Clinic - Mesotherapy


      Infuse effective supplements and antioxidants under your skin with minute micro injections for optimum benefits of these ingredient which may otherwise not reach the dermal layer of your skin. Other ingredients like potent moisturising agent(hyaluronic acid) , or growth factors may be added to treat other concurrent skin issues that…

    • Dr.D Clinic - Microdermabrasion


      Even skin needs a little polishing and this is the very effect of microdermabrasion. Using a precious diamond tip, this treatment gently buffs away the dead layer of skin cells to reveal fresh, new skin cells.  Along with the dead cells, superficial pigmentation and debri is removed using a gentle…

    • Dr.D Clinic - Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) @ Vampire Lift Facial Treatment

      Vampire Lift

      This well known treatment is sought by many for its natural way of lifting and anti aging by boosting your own skins collagen.  Using your very own blood , essential factors are extracted and directly used treat areas of concern, be it facial concerns, hair concerns or even bodily concerns…

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