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    • Dr.D Clinic - Luscious Lips

      Lip Filler

      Get your lips kissable and pout ready with these lip volumising, hydrating and rejuvenating treatments. Plump up those skinny lips with water- loving hyaluronic fillers. Lips get the volume and hydration required while retaining its soft and natural feel. These advanced fillers are already included with analgesics to make the…

    • Dr.D Clinic - Mesotherapy


      Infuse effective supplements and antioxidants under your skin with minute micro injections for optimum benefits of these ingredient which may otherwise not reach the dermal layer of your skin. Other ingredients like potent moisturising agent(hyaluronic acid) , or growth factors may be added to treat other concurrent skin issues that…

    • Dr.D Clinic - Nose Filler

      Nose Filler

      Fillers have come a long way. A lot of research and development has gone into achieving the ideal filler. Today s fillers are very natural to the touch and are safe.  The latest fillers we use even come with analgesics (pain relievers) to make the procedure more comfortable. The best…

    • Dr.D Clinic - Vampire Lift

      Vampire Lift

      This well known treatment is sought by many for its natural way of lifting and anti aging by boosting your own skins collagen.  Using your very own blood , essential factors are extracted and directly used treat areas of concern, be it facial concerns, hair concerns or even bodily concerns…

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