Body Sculpting and Contouring

Body Sculpting and Contouring

Body Contouring Technology in Malaysia

The technology behind body contouring is changing and improving every day as we speak, procedures like butt lift surgery, liposuction or tummy tuck are growing in popularity each year among women and even men. However, though these surgeries are pretty common these days, many are still skeptical about going through body augmentation as it costs a bomb and requires a long recovery time.

Hence, iBody by Dr D brings in the latest top notch technology in body contouring and not only is it for aesthetic purposes; it is also for post pregnancy care as well. Most importantly, unlike the conventional cosmetic surgeries, all treatment is done in a non-invasive, non-surgical way by engaging High Intensity Focused Electro-Magnetic (HIFEM) technology.

This groundbreaking innovation is known as EmSculpt and Emsella. It opens a new door to treat conditions such as diastasis recti, urinary incontinence in men and women, sexual health problem, postpartum pelvic floor muscle care and many more, all without having to go under the knife and best of all, no downtime and no pain.

This is breakthrough treatment in body contouring and we, DR D Clinic, are here to bring this technology to you. To find out more about EmSculpt and Emsella or other services that we provide, do reach us at Damansara or Bangsar Branch.

Happy Chair, Happy Life! (Emsella - Intimate Health Treatment)

Urinary Incontinence | Pelvic Floor Muscles Training | Intimate Health

Emsculpt (Body Contouring & Sculpting)

The ONE and ONLY Non-invasive Procedure to Build Muscle & Burn Fat

Build Muscle | Burn Fat | Butt Lifting | Treat Diastasis Recti

Reshape Your Body with Body Sculpting and Contouring Treatments Available in Malaysia

Body shaping treatments today such as body sculpting and body contouring are becoming more popular in Malaysia as a solution to achieving the dream body.

With today’s cutting-edge innovation, eliminating stubborn and excessive body fat through body sculpting and contouring procedures is made simple.

These procedures are highly effective and safe in removing excess fats in areas such as the abdomen or love handles, back and bra area, outer thighs, legs, underarms and chin.

Recommended Non-Surgical Body Contouring Methods That You Can Choose

Conventional body shaping procedures that require surgery and a long recovery time are not only more expensive but are also intimidating to many.

Fortunately, there are now other alternatives such as non-surgical body contouring treatments or also known as lipolysis that are not only value for money but also require no downtime.

If this sounds like your cup of tea, then here are some non-surgical treatments that you should know about:

Cryolipolysis Body Shaping Treatment

Cryolipolysis or more commonly known as fat freezing is a non-surgical body shaping procedure that works by reducing fat deposits in certain areas of the body using cold temperatures.

Fat freezing is effective in reducing body fat or stubborn bulges that are hard to remove with diet and exercise.

However, bear in mind that this body shaping method is intended for fat loss and not weight loss.

Injection Lipolysis Body Contouring Treatment

Another effective non-surgical option for body contouring is injection lipolysis, which is very popular.

It works by removing subcutaneous fat by targeting localised areas of fat which are hard to get rid of with exercise and diet.

Normally, more than one session of this body contouring procedure is needed to see noticeable results.

Laser Lipolysis Body Sculpting Treatment

Another non-invasive body sculpting treatment is laser lipolysis, which works by removing small fat deposits by using paddle-like applicators that emit heat.

The applicators are placed in the areas to be treated and the heat emitted will penetrate the skin and damage the membranes of the fat cells, which then die and are absorbed by the body.

Radiofrequency Body Sculpting Treatment

A painless procedure to reduce cellulite and eliminate fatty deposits while also boosting collagen, radiofrequency is another option for non-invasive body sculpting.

Also known for its skin tightening ability, radiofrequency can help to remove fat and tone the body with no downtime required.

It is especially suitable for removing stubborn fatty deposits that are hard to get rid of with just exercise.

Enhancing Beauty with A Full Body Contouring Treatment After Your Weight Loss

It is important to take note that most body contouring treatments today are for fat loss and not weight loss.

It works effectively to get rid of stubborn and excessive fat as well as extra skin folds and surrounding tissues to give your body an ideal and smoother contour.

If you are looking to achieve this, a body contouring treatment can be done using the EMSCULPT® and EMSELLA® machines, which are groundbreaking innovations that help to build and tighten muscles.

The EMSCULPT® works by creating pulses using non-invasive High-Intensity Focused Electromagnetic (HIFEM) energy that contract and build muscles while squeezing and breaking up fat cells for body contouring.

Though the technology is based on the same fundamentals, the EMSELLA®, on the other hand, is a chair-like machine that works by using HIFEM to help strengthen pelvic muscles.

The use of both EMSCULPT® and EMSELLA® together is now a popular core therapy treatment that when combined, offers even more excellent results in building core muscles and strengthening the pelvic floor.

This is especially ideal for treating abdominal separation and incontinence.

The Cost of Body Contouring Treatment

The price of a body shaping treatment may vary depending on the type of body contouring procedure, the individual’s body condition and the number of sessions required to see noticeable results.

Get Advice From A Body Contouring Specialist Nearest to You Before Treatment

Though body contouring treatments are amazing solutions to achieving your body goals and looking good, it is vital that you first consult with a specialist or doctor before getting any treatment.

This is important because different individuals will require different types of treatment that are more suitable to their conditions and needs.

A widely experienced specialist will be able to examine your condition and recommend the best body shaping procedure for you to undergo, and in turn, help you to successfully achieve your body goals.

Visit DR. D Clinic for a Tailored Body Contouring Treatment that Best Fits Your Body

DR. D Clinic is committed to helping you in your journey towards reaching your body goals.

So, speak to our highly experienced specialists about your body goals and concerns and they will tailor-make a treatment that is best for you.

Your goal of achieving the body of your dreams is just one step away!

Interested to know more? Get in touch with DR. D Clinic today to kick-start your body shaping journey.

Contact us now!

Customer Reviews

I visited the clinic to remove moles and excessive skin. Very satisfied by the whole experience. The staff and the doctor made me feel very comfortable and procedure was fast and painless. We even had time to have a nice conversation and doctor answered all my questions. Totally recommend.

Andrey Rozhnov

Google Review
I’ve been to many aesthetic clinic myself, never have I experience such honesty and professionalism from both doctors, what I love about is they embrace you for who you are and only what you need. Staff were super friendly and easy to talk to, great ambience, cozy, comfortable, and most importantly great place for relaxation. Highly recommended!

Vivian Loh

Facebook Review
My first time here was in 2015 (until now). And that time my skin was really really bad. Dr. Dinesh has helped me so much with my skin. I was having depression during that time, and he was being very helpful and he always tries his best to help me. The staffs are also very friendly and nice. Without a doubt, please come here! They are very professional ? You will feel like home. That’s what matters the most (well at least for me) ?

Nany Arsad

Facebook Review
My skin looks better. I’m in love with their Medi Facial. Gonna miss this place when I go back to Manila.

Ma Joanne Almo Rafer

Facebook Review
Very good doctor as he only recommend the necessary. Undergo my scar removal and happy for the result! Strongly recommended!

Eunice Wong

Facebook Review
Thanks Dr D for my pigmentation removal. It was painless. Previously I done it in other place and it is painful during the laser treatment. I enjoy the facial and a great service by experienced aesthetic nurses.

Impact Digi

Facebook Review
If you think I'm beautiful it is because of Dr.D if you think I'm ugly then you just have bad taste.

Khanusha Shereen Neesha

Facebook Review
Good job, doctor. I am satisfied with the treatment provided. Will definitely refer friends to your clinic.

Wan Edi Sophean

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